So What’s A Tweet?

twitterEven though it’s been around for a while now, there are still many business owners that are absolutely clueless about Twitter and what it can do for marketing and customer interaction. To make it as simple as possible, Twitter allows a user or a business owner to share what is happening to them in real time.

People that share what they are eating for breakfast (which is too much information unless you are Wolfgang Puck and you are advertising one of your new dishes). Some individuals use Tweets to share how they are feeling like, “I just feel sad today:(“. Some people actually make good use of Twitter and tell people about what is happening that others may want to know about like, “30% off sale @Kohl’s today, #newoutfit”. Here is a quick infografic from that shows the scope of Twitter in today’s society.

Business owners have an awesome opportunity to reach a wide range of people in a very short amount of time, get this, for free! Gone are the days of extremely expensive direct mailers, newspaper ads, billboards and the like. Twitter and social media allow you to share specials, coupons, daily deals and great customer feedback with your customers and people that you want to become customers. Take the time to read up on Twitter and see just how easy it is to grow your business with this easy and inexpensive social media tool.


2 thoughts on “So What’s A Tweet?

  1. As a soon-to-be public relations graduate I feel it is important to grasp to concept of how best to utilize social media tools to reach your target audience. I got started on Twitter a little late so I’m still learning how to update twitter and get a response from followers.

    I agree with you that business owners can reach a wide range of people in such a short amount of time whereas before it would take multiple days to reach someone via mailers and coupons. And what interesting statistics about Twitter users, too! Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks for the response Jessica. I see Twitter as an awesome opportunity for business owners to really connect with their audience, but unfortunately not many small business owners are taking the time to utilize free marketing tools like Twitter and Facebook. Good luck with finding work in the PR field. Make sure you build a strong following and network as much as possible.

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