Just So You Know, Facebook Is Taking Over.

Facebook launches its own search engineAccording to Ben Hollom on exploreb2b.com, Facebook is about to launch their own search engine. It allows users to search through any public information that Facebook users have posted on their profiles or pages. While Mr. Zuckerberg stated that this is in no way supposed to try and compete with the main search engines like Google and Bing, I think he really wants to take over the world.



Your Website’s Like A One Year Old.

Picture of a babyWhen thinking of your website and what it needs to succeed, think of it as a baby. A baby needs constant attention, it needs food to grow and remain healthy, and it needs to be changed frequently. Your goal as a parent or caregiver is to help the baby as it learns, and adapts to its surroundings.

Your website is no different. Just as a baby needs food, your website hungers for updated and interesting content. It wants to grow and succeed and it needs the food that will bring it more traffic and more inbound and outbound links. Your site also needs to be changed to fit the needs and desires of your target audience and to allow for browser upgrades and technology advancements. Remove old and outdated content and keep your website fresh and clean. When you take the steps to maintain and update your website, you will see it grow and flourish.

According to Basekit.com there are some common steps to keeping your site fresh and current. Take a moment to view them here.

No One Can Guarantee You’ll Be First!

first place ribbon for SEO postThere are so many different variables in earning the top spot in an organic search. Time, links, great content, SEM campaigns, and keyword management are just a few examples. If someone comes to you and guarantees that they can get you in the top spot for the main keyword categories people would search for your business with, Run Away!

No one can guarantee that they will be able to consistently have your business in the top spot for every search engine query that pertains to your business. If you hear someone say that to you, what they are basically telling you is that they are about to charge you a ridiculous sum of money to try their best to get you as high as they possibly can in a search result.

While it may be possible to get a small business with no direct competition to the top of the list in their area, if you are a small business that operates in a large metropolitan area, it is going to be very difficult to win first prize. You will be fighting against time factors of who has had their site up the longest and has been keeping it current. Who has the best keywords in their meta data and throughout their website to match potential searches, and honestly, who has the most money to hire teams of individuals to handle all their online and inbound marketing. If you are a small mom and pop shop, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle against the large corporations in your same line of work.

An example of a great business that easily rose to the top of the pile is one of our clients The United States Hot Air Balloon Team. As a very well established niche business with a quality website, it was pretty easy to give them the boost they needed to consistently rank first in the search results for the 3 main locations they want to target. However, if you are lets say a contractor or a doctor, you have much more competition in the marketplace. There are always things you can do to improve your overall online marketing success, but never trust anyone that says they can get you to the top every time.