How to Get Website Content from Your Fans

Making It Easy To Gather Data, Photos And More

One of the hardest things to do for many businesses is gathering relevant and interesting content for their website or their social media posts. In an article entitled “How to Get Website Content from Your Fans” from Marketing Land, content marketing expert Arnie Kuenn discusses some practical ways to generate new and relevant content from your customers.


Just So You Know, Facebook Is Taking Over.

Facebook launches its own search engineAccording to Ben Hollom on, Facebook is about to launch their own search engine. It allows users to search through any public information that Facebook users have posted on their profiles or pages. While Mr. Zuckerberg stated that this is in no way supposed to try and compete with the main search engines like Google and Bing, I think he really wants to take over the world.


If You Can’t Say Something Nice…Come Back Later.

woman sticking out her tongue

It’s really not hard to get frustrated sometimes. We all have bad days and sometimes those pesky unflattering customer comments and poor reviews on our social media sites can really drive us over the edge. We all want to fire back quickly and tell them their not only wrong about what they are thinking, but their also probably the dumbest person on earth for even thinking that you were wrong about something.

Stop! Move your hands slowly away from the keyboard and take a moment to realize that what you type in response could make or break the relationship you have with that customer. Never respond when you are frustrated or angry and trying to prove your side of the story. If you are feeling emotional about what they said about you or your business, try to view it from their perspective to see if their comment has any merit. Then, try not to handle it in the following ways:

1. Ignore the comment. This will only serve to inflame the situation and will have the customer feeling like you don’t care about them and their situation. Result? You probably lost a customer.

2. Delete their comment from your page. Well, now you did it. There are few things worse than being ignored on a social media website. One of them is knowing that the person you tried to contact has deleted your comment or review. Result? You not only lost a customer, but they may have told their friends.

3. Come back at them with a “Actually, you’re wrong.” attitude. Ok, so at least you responded back right? Wrong. Your customers do not want to be told they are wrong or that their opinions about your business are off base. They want to be right. We all want to be right. That’s why you thought it was necessary to tell them that they are wrong and you’re right. Result? Loss of client and some of their friends are told to never go see you at your store.

4. Respond back in anger with harsh language. If this is where your mind immediately goes when you get a bad review about your business, you should not handle your social media. You must have forgotten that most Facebook or Twitter users have an average of 100 friends and followers. When you speak harshly to them, you’re reputation will be trashed throughout their entire circle of influence. Do you want to take your chances and hope they don’t have a lot of friends? Result. Guaranteed loss of client, their friends and many of their friend’s friends and acquaintances.

So what is the proper response to negative customer feedback?

Validate their issue by taking the time to specifically mention what they complained about in their comment. Be as nice as possible with no passive aggressive or snide remarks, and finally, offer to make it right.

Whether you offer them a free meal, a discount on their next visit, or in some unfortunate cases, fire the employee that treated them so rudely, you need to make them feel like you care. In all, respond back to all the reviews you can with dignity, and treat your customers as you would want to be treated.

Who’s Going To Check In At My Store?

logo for the popular social media site FoursquareAnother social media site?

One of the newer up and coming social media websites is a social media site called Foursquare. Foursquare? What’s Foursquare?

Foursquare is one of the fastest growing social media sites on the net. It allows users like you to find local restaurants, bars, activities, and many other businesses and locations of interest. One of the great things about foursquare is the local results users find and the customer reviews they can read about your specific business. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your menu, your services and your products while allowing for genuine feedback from your clients on how you’re doing as a business.

Check ins are awesome advertising!

With Foursquare, any customer that comes to visit your store or business has the opportunity to “check in” or basically sign an electronic guest book. The check in offers you an awesome opportunity for free publicity because Foursquare links to other social media sites like Facebook. When someone checks in at your business, they are also telling all their friends and acquaintances on the other social sites about your business.

To put it simply, get your business on Foursquare and get your customers to check in while they’re there. It’s like free advertising.

If you want to know more about Foursquare, check back later. We’ll be adding more posts about how to use it with your business.

14 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Over a Personal Profile

Image of Pages flag imageHere are some really great reasons from Jon Loomer as to why you should definitely choose a Facebook Page for your business instead of a regular profile page. 14 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Over a Personal Profile –

It’s Not Your Personal Facebook Page!

My rant about business Facebook used for personal reasons

How often have you seen personal posts from the owner of a business on the business Facebook page? What was the first thought that came to your mind? If you are like me and the vast majority of Facebook users, that business just lost a little credibility in your mind due to their lack of professionalism.

I am not saying that you aren’t allowed to create a comfortable atmosphere for your customers to speak their mind, I am saying there is a time and a place for everything. Your business page is not the place, and a public message forum should never be a place for questionable  material, personal conversations, or family matters.

Your business page should be a forum for your clients to tell you exactly how your business is performing. Take full advantage of the feedback you receive. If your customers are all saying that your pizza sauce is too salty, change it and thank them for the feedback. If your clients say that your salon offers the best keratin treatments at a great price, thank them sincerely and tell them to let their friends know. Use your Facebook page to establish a good, professional relationship with your customers and if need be, make sure your friends know to contact you on your personal page instead.

So What’s A Tweet?

twitterEven though it’s been around for a while now, there are still many business owners that are absolutely clueless about Twitter and what it can do for marketing and customer interaction. To make it as simple as possible, Twitter allows a user or a business owner to share what is happening to them in real time.

People that share what they are eating for breakfast (which is too much information unless you are Wolfgang Puck and you are advertising one of your new dishes). Some individuals use Tweets to share how they are feeling like, “I just feel sad today:(“. Some people actually make good use of Twitter and tell people about what is happening that others may want to know about like, “30% off sale @Kohl’s today, #newoutfit”. Here is a quick infografic from that shows the scope of Twitter in today’s society.

Business owners have an awesome opportunity to reach a wide range of people in a very short amount of time, get this, for free! Gone are the days of extremely expensive direct mailers, newspaper ads, billboards and the like. Twitter and social media allow you to share specials, coupons, daily deals and great customer feedback with your customers and people that you want to become customers. Take the time to read up on Twitter and see just how easy it is to grow your business with this easy and inexpensive social media tool.

You’re not on Facebook yet?

facebookIn the last few years, Facebook and other social media websites s as Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, and YouTube have completely transformed online marketing.

Why hasn’t your business joined in on one of the largest word of mouth advertising opportunities out there? Social sites like Facebook easily allow your best customers to rave about your products and services and thereby let their “friends” know that you exist and that your business is one they frequent.

Facebook is also a fantastic avenue for you to interact with your customers. Answer their feedback as quickly as possible whether it’s good or bad. Your customers want to know that you are paying attention to them and value their input. Whether you are a large chain store or a local mom and pop store, your customers want to feel that they are getting the very best treatment around. In many cases, they may even be willing to spend more if they receive excellent customer service at your store and online.

Check out what Facebook itself has to say about the topic and give Social Solutions a call if there’s any confusion. Now get to it!