Your Website’s Like A One Year Old.

Picture of a babyWhen thinking of your website and what it needs to succeed, think of it as a baby. A baby needs constant attention, it needs food to grow and remain healthy, and it needs to be changed frequently. Your goal as a parent or caregiver is to help the baby as it learns, and adapts to its surroundings.

Your website is no different. Just as a baby needs food, your website hungers for updated and interesting content. It wants to grow and succeed and it needs the food that will bring it more traffic and more inbound and outbound links. Your site also needs to be changed to fit the needs and desires of your target audience and to allow for browser upgrades and technology advancements. Remove old and outdated content and keep your website fresh and clean. When you take the steps to maintain and update your website, you will see it grow and flourish.

According to there are some common steps to keeping your site fresh and current. Take a moment to view them here.